This Helped Me Have An Extremely Successful Brand Photo Shoot

Yes! I finally did it - scheduled, planned for, and completed my first on-brand photo shoot. And it turned out better than I could’ve imagined!


A relatively quick (less than 1.5 hour) shoot left me with 200+ photos to use across my website, social platforms, and where ever else I need on-brand photos. And you know what? The shoot was done in my home, without a Pinterest-worthy home office, and yes, my kids WERE HOME. But it was a complete success, and it was actually FUN!


Have you considered having a brand shoot done, but aren’t sure where to start?  Or maybe you’ve had photos taken for your business in the past but aren’t pleased with how they turned out? I’m here to help!

I want you to have a successful brand photo shoot that not only gives you images to use on social media and headshots for your website, but also ties your brand together cohesively, and gives you a professional look for which you feel proud!

Since my shoot, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time organizing, writing and designing my plan and tips into this Complete Brand Photo Shoot Guide.


It covers the Planning process, Preparing and making sure you don’t forget a thing, and Pulling-Off of a Brand Photo Shoot so you can not only do it stress free and make it a success, but HAVE FUN during the shoot too! Plus I created and included The Outfit Organizer. This BONUS helps you plan on-brand outfits, and clothes you can wear effortlessly again and again.


I decided to create this because honestly, I wish I had a guide like this before my own. I could’ve saved a lot of time searching for tips, tricks, styles, etc. It would’ve been so much easier with a document that covered it all. Get your own FREE copy of the guide here: 

 The Complete Brand Shoot Guide

Now go out and schedule your own brand photo shoot! What are you waiting for?

If you use this document for your successful shoot, let me know! I’d love to hear about it and maybe even feature you! Just tag @laurenaustincreative on Instagram or Facebook.