5 Big Reasons For A Strong Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence for your small business is not optional - it’s completely necessary. Without one, your business is just not being as successful as it could be. It’s a huge opportunity to grow and find new customers. If that isn’t motivation enough, here’s 5 big reasons why you need to act on getting a strong social media presence up and running today.

Customer Communication

Believe it or not, customers are no longer breaking out the jumbo Yellow Pages book to search for a service or product. (Do they even deliver those anymore?) Clients and customers are doing an easy, quick search on using a search engine or their social media service of choice, where they’re getting real-time information from past customers and their own peers.

It’s here where they not only are getting reviews and feedback on the service or product, but also getting the latest from the business and brand itself. All communication - between customers, to the business, from the business, etc. is located in one easy and accessible location. Not only do they not have to pick up the phone to find out things like hours, location, and daily specials, but they can email/leave a post/or DM (direct message) right from the same page to get real-time responses right back to their computer, iPad, or phone on the go.

Level The Competitor Playing Field

There’s a good chance you already have business competition. Most do. If you don’t, you’re probably very successful (that is until competition inevitably comes along.) So having a level playing field gives your business an actual chance at winning the game! If you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on an easy (AND FREE - see below) avenue that can strongly effect your business for the positive. Someone in your industry or location is going to have great social media - don’t leave your business in the dust. A strong social media presence is one bandwagon you WANT to be on.

Search Engine Visibility

Not everyone is going to be an expert at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you should generally know that the more active you are on you social accounts, using words tailored to your business, the higher the chance your site will rank higher in visibility when someone searches for a term related to your industry. If you aren’t actively posting and communicating with followers and customers, or worse - don’t have any social accounts - you have low or NO chance of showing up in a search engines results. The simple way to look at it - the more active you are on your accounts, the better off you’ll be when someone Google’s you.


Maybe you’ve heard the word but aren’t exactly sure what it is, or why it’s necessary. Well listen up! Analytics related to business is the data created by using the math and science of recorded computer information and patterns so we can find out statistics primarily about our website, brand, demographics, products, etc. In simpler terms, it’s direct information we can use to learn more about the people, products, and services we offer so we can change and improve our business, products, and services for the better. For instance, you may think you market your product primarily to men, when in reality 76% of your customers are women. That may change how you market, or even what products you sell in the future.

Analytics are an amazing tool for business owners, and the best way besides your website to get this valuable information is by having a strong social media presence. Most social media platforms offer some sort of analytics and data. For instance, business Instagram accounts can receive “Insights” data on activity, content, and audience. All for free!


Speaking of free, not all things that come free are worth investing in. But Social Media platforms are the most profitable digital marketing tool (did I mention FREE?) you can use to increase your business visibility without paying a dime. You lose nothing, and gain everything as it has the greatest return on investment. Sure, you need to invest your time, and time=money, but if you’re not ready to invest time in your business, maybe running your own business isn’t for you.

OK, sure, you may already have opened an account on Facebook and Instagram, but guess what? It takes more than just having a custom branded handle (the @ name used on social media). You need to actively communicate and promote yourself.

But if you don’t have all the time to invest right now, I’ve got good news for you. That’s where I come in. If you don’t have the time to come up with the posting ideas and create the content (many business owners like you struggle with both), I can help not only create a custom social media content calendar, but I can design, write, and schedule all your posts too. Just leave it to me.

Find out more about my services and prices by contacting me at lauren@laurenaustincreative.com.