Brand Boost Challenge #10 - LOGO

Ahh, the quint-essential logo. Logos are symbols made up of text and images to help identify your brand.

A good logo helps customers understand key information about your business. They can help you stand out against fierce competition, and can be instantly recognizable by customers. Think about the McDonalds logo. Take away even half of the yellow arch, and you still know what popular food chain it represents.

Logos aren’t just one thing. They can be made up of typography, imagery, color, and context to form 7 types of logos - abstract mark, mascot logo, combination mark, emblem logo, lettermark, pictorial mark, and word mark.

Task #10 is to hone in on your logo. Whether it’s just type, or an icon with text, or just an icon by itself:

  • Don’t have a logo? I strongly recommend you hire a professional designer to help you come up with one.

  • Not ready to hire someone yet? Use a free font, and type up your business name, or maybe even just a monogram to start with.

  • Maybe you already have a logo. Have you considered getting some feedback on it, or maybe tweaking the colors now that you’ve taking a deeper look at your color palette and your competition?

  • Make sure, regardless if you made the logo yourself or you hired it out, that you have the official VECTOR files in your possession. Vector files allows you to scale your logo without the fuzzy mess you’d be left with if you tried it with a RASTER file. Want to know more? Check out this explanation I wrote. (A main reason to hire a professional and now someone who will make a logo in Canva - Canva only exports RASTER files.)

  • Once you’ve got a logo, use it. Use it on your website, social media pages, packaging (if you sell products), printed collateral and documents (if you have contracts and services). The uses are endless. Get yourself a fancy mug with the logo on it - when people ask about what it means you can tell them all about your business!