Brand Boost Challenge #11 - SUPPORTIVE GRAPHICS

These days, every business is online in one way or another. In a multi-media world, you need supporting graphics, assets, and icons for all the user interface action taking place.

Instead of typing out “Facebook”, “Instagram”, and “Pinterest”, it’s commonplace to use icons instead. Of course, those icons are usually the branded icons from each company. But when it comes to your own icons like “email’, “phone”, “information”, etc. you should have a standard set of icons, along with an idea of how new icons in the future will be created when you need them.

For instance, maybe you like the outlined look where each symbol or icon is a standard black outline. Make sure that’s carried across all your icons.

  • Just like colors, and fonts, there are free resources for icons too.,, etc. Take a look and maybe you’ll find a pack of icons that works for you.

  • Decide on a look that works for you and your brand - maybe they’re flat, or maybe they’re 3D looking. Maybe they’re full color, or just white. Make a decision and stick to it.

  • Implement them all across all your digital locations - website, social media, etc.

  • Don’t like what you see, or need a custom one or two, reach out to a professional designer who can whip one up for you.