Brand Boost Challenge #2 - Self-Reflection

Now that you have a good pulse on what you’re up against, it’s time to start diving deep into your own business. This is where it can get tough, especially if you’ve created your business from the ground up, all on your own.

The second task is to take a look in the mirror at your own brand:

  • Make notes on your own brand identity. What do you see it as? Rustic? Feminine? Playful? Make sure you don’t confuse this with “what you want it to be”. I want you to make sure you describe it as it is today.

  • Now, like you did with your competition, list out what you really like about what your brand identity is today…

  • …And, what do you hate? Don’t hate anything? OK, what aren’t you so thrilled about? List them out.

  • Make sure you’re documenting this all digitally!