Brand Boost Challenge #3 - Essence

It’s a new day to start a new brand. Today you start moving forward and building on what we know about our own business and the competition.

Essence is the properties of something without which it would not exist. Kinda confusing definition, but the way I see it is the words that describe your business. Today, I want you to do just that.

  • Write out a list of descriptive words that you WANT your brand to be (don’t confuse with what it currently is!); (i.e. the Disney brand’s list may include "playful, bright, fun, brave, bold”); Make your list as long as you can, with each word really playing a role in your business.

  • Maybe you you’ve seen your brand as “detailed” and “feminine”, but you want your brand do be “simple” and “neutral”. This is your chance to make it want you really want it to be.

  • Each brand is different. Pick very descriptive words that not only describe the look, but also the feeling you want your ideal customer to feel when they see your brand.

  • Once you have your list, highlight the top 5 that speak the most to what you want your brand to be.