Brand Boost Challenge #4 - Imagery Inspiration

A photo is worth 1000 words. What do your photos say about your brand?

  • Using the descriptive words you compiled in task #3, use a royalty free photo website like or to find images that are excellent representations of your brand, and ones you can actually use for free - legally - if you want to use them for your business. (If you have a paid account somewhere else for stock photography, that’s fine too).

  • Find photos that are not only examples of your descriptive words, but that you could actually use as part of your brand identity.

  • Download all the images you can, and throw them into a folder on your computer.

  • Keep in mind, not every image is perfect. Maybe you have a single image that would work great if one part was cropped out. So crop it out! It makes a big difference. Don’t water down your brand just because you can’t find things that work right out of the box. Make it work for you the right way.

  • Take a look at the folder of images. Is it starting to look like the brand you want it to be?