Brand Boost Challenge #6 - MISSION STATEMENT

Do you really know what your mission is? Do your customers know it?

A mission statement is not only another great marketing tool to get people emotionally attached to your business, but it should be known by all your employees you have so that everyone’s focus is the same.

  • Take a hard look at why you do or sell what you do. Sell organic lollipops? Great! Now tell me “the who, the what, the why”…

  • To help write out your statement, first think about why someone might want to work for you, and why someone would be proud to have your business as their employer? Maybe you sell organic lollipops because you enjoy sweets and want others to have the healthiest sweets with no hidden ingredients or dyes. Maybe it’s because lollipops always made you happy as a kid, and you want others to have the same joy. Maybe you also donate 15% of all proceeds to help under-privileged children get a great education.

  • Keep it to one sentence, and make sure it’s clear and to the point. It may take a few trial runs at it.

  • Whatever it is, make sure it’s clearly written out and all your employees know and understand the mission.