Brand Boost Challenge #9 - Typography

Just as colors play a huge role in your brand identity, typography is a key player in how your brand communicates with it’s customers.

A font such as Comic Sans for example says to customers “childish, informal, unprofessional”, where a font like Times New Roman says “traditional, old world”.

This week, you’ll choose and implement 2, maybe 3, type-fonts that you will use across everything - from websites, to graphics, and your email signature.

  • Typography doesn’t have to cost money. There are plenty of free fonts ready to be downloaded. Check out a free-font website like or Fonts that cost $$$ usually have a very similar one you can find on these free websites.

  • Don’t want to spend the time really diving deep? has done some of the work for you in picking two compatible fonts. All of these fonts can be found in Canva so there’s no uploading either.

  • If you want to dive a little deeper into choosing fonts, check out this article by

  • The key part of this task is about getting consistent across all of your collateral - digital or print. So once you pick your fonts that are clear, legible, and fit within your brand, get to work making sure your web fonts are the same as all other fonts of your text.

  • If it’s not a free font, and you paid for it, make sure you keep backup copies of the font files on a thumb drive too.