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A retainer is the most efficient and secure way to have a helping hand ready when you need it. Retainers start at 10 hours a month for $500 with a 3 month commitment contract. The more hours you purchase per month, and the longer the contract, the better the rate I can provide you.

Retainer packages include:

  • Graphic design (promotional images, icons, presentation creation, etc.)

  • Print materials (flyers, brochures, etc.)

  • Digital materials (social media graphics, blog banners, etc.)

  • Website updates and maintenance (Squarespace and Wordpress only)

  • Writing copy

  • Email organization

  • Brainstorm and scheduling of social media posts

  • Etc.

Retainer packages DO NOT include:

  • Full website design

  • New logo design

  • Admin. and additional expenses such as stock photography purchases, web hosting, and printing fees

Any unused hours from the first month transfer to the second month ONLY. This gives you one month to see how much time you're actually in need of, and able to adjust. 

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A project package is a great way to get a specific job done at a reasonable, one-time price. I offer common packages, or can customize a package tailored to your specific needs. 


A logo identifies key elements of your business and builds brand recognition. Every good business needs a good logo. And every logo should be professionally designed using standard graphic software like Adobe Products.

Logo Creation Package starts at $400 and includes:

  • Initial consultation, Design Request Form completion

  • Conceptualization of 3 unique logo concepts

  • 2 refinement sessions of preferred/selected logo, and logo completion

  • Output of both horizontal and vertical logos (if applicable), full color and black & white

  • File output of .pdf, .eps, .jpeg, and .png

Please note, any additional refinement requested by the client post the 2 refinement sessions is to be charged separately.



A logo is just the start of your business design. Having a good Brand Identity portrays the right look to your customers through consistency and professionalism. You may know where to use certain colors, what fonts, and what feeling you're going for, but when you work with your own employees, contractors, or suppliers, you want to make sure they get every detail right. This mini brand identity will cover the important basics. 

Our Mini Brand Identity Package is $100 and includes:

  • Your existing Primary logo design, Secondary Logo, and icons or monogram

  • Color palette w/ corresponding web hex code numbers

  • 2 Typography selections

  • 2-3 texture selections (if applicable)

  • 4-5 mood board inspiration images

  • A beautiful, cohesive 1-page digital sheet of your Brand Identity



If you have a business and don’t have a professional looking website, you are losing out on great marketing opportunities to help your business grow. First impressions count, and you want it the best it can be. A website is an accessible around the clock, convenient, credible communication method to reach valuable customers. 

Website + Branding Package starts at $1800 and includes:

  • Phone meeting or virtual meeting to discuss website goals and information to include on site

  • Semi-custom non-eCommerce Squarespace website optimized for both desktop and mobile

  • 20% off your first annual website and online store subscription payment

  • Up to 5 page designs (Home, About, Services, etc.); $75 each additional page

  • A free mini brand identity and color palette to be used throughout your website (see details above)

  • Set-up of new/ or transfer of existing domain

  • Integration of existing social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Tutorial for you to know how to make small edits

This package rate covers my design fees, and does not include the domain purchase price (if needed), hosting costs (however, I do give you 20% off - see above), image purchase cost (if needed), or any additional fees. Those will be the responsibility of you, the client. 



Do you want to reach customers on social media, but have a hard time coming up with valuable and engaging content for posts? Request a customized social media content calendar for one month (31 days), and really start those ideas flowing! *Great Value - You can reuse this calendar each month!

Customized Social Media Content Calendar starts at $140 and includes:

  • Initial understanding of the type of posts your customers want to see and what you want to deliver

  • Beautiful clean calendar in your own brand colors

  • Researched list of 30 appropriately branded, industry related hashtags to reach your ideal customers

  • Each day includes a different type of post from 7 personally-created categories, with specific recommended hashtags included for that day to use in addition to your standard hashtag list



Do you have an Instagram account? Is it working for you the way you had hoped? Maybe you just need to take a step back and see how you can improve. For a one-time fee, I'll assess your account and find out how it can work for you, for the better.

One-Time Instagram Audit Package starts at $440 and includes:

  • Understand primary numerical goal of client for using Instagram (i.e. grow followers by 10% in 2 months, etc.)

  • Study competition and top influencers for hashtags

  • Gain access to edit last 40 existing posts, and individually update to include appropriate new hashtag

  • Research and plan a list of 30-40 appropriate branded and community hashtags that can reach the ideal customers

  • Customized 31-day Social Media Content Calendar; this calendar can be repeated each month (see details above)

  • Includes a Mini-Brand Identity (see details above)

  • Update Instagram bio, and switch to IG Business account if not already doing so



Instagram is such a great tool when used correctly. But it takes a lot of time. Hire a VA to fully manage your entire Instagram account.

Instagram Management Package starts at $550 a month and includes:

  • Initial consultation on phone or virtually

  • Optimization of client's Instagram bio

  • Hashtag research and plan

  • Brainstorm and propose a list of 7 post ideas each week for client approval (1 post a day)

  • Compile, copy-write, and schedule the 30-31 total posts through an automated posting program with the use of client's images, or copyright free, images

  • Send client analytics report at the end of each month

Features such as comment moderation, responding to direct messages, and additional posts are at an additional cost.



Images and visuals are arguably the most important part of social media. They can bring a reader in without having read a single word. 

Social Media Visuals begin at $25 each and include:

  • Use of free, copyright-free images (custom photography and purchased images extra)

  • Include your watermark/logo and website or tag on each image

  • Purposeful brand consistency (color, font, etc.) between each image if/when necessary.

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Want to try out my services and aren't sure how much time or help you'll need? I'm available for a flat rate of $55 an hour. 

My hourly rate DOES NOT include:

  • Full website design

  • New logo design

  • Admin and additional expenses such as stock photography purchases, web hosting, and printing fees.