“I launched my coaching business a month early thanks to Lauren Austin!  I work full time and wanted to launch my side hustle website, but was feeling completely overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.  That's when I called Lauren.

Lauren broke the process down for me in a few simple steps, gave me a deadline to submit the website content to her, and she took on the rest!  She is a true artist.  I gave her a few paragraphs of content, and she turned it into a real live website that was way beyond what I expected.  She chose the perfect layout, font, stock photography, and added language of her own to make my website stand out.  I am so proud of my website and emailed the link out to all my family and friends this morning.” - B.K.

“Wow, that looks good!”

"I had done some work with Lauren years ago for logo design. She had done a great job of covering different ideas and concepts and helping finalize the finished product. 

When we needed a brand new concept for a new business, we turned to Lauren again. As two non-artists, in my business partner and myself, it was difficult to convey exactly what we were looking for other than with some words, other logo ideas and trial and error. Lauren did a great job of showing different options to work with what you we looking for.

Lauren took those ideas and created something completely amazing and original. We couldn't be happier with our logo design. As a matter of fact, the more we look at it and see the more we love it. It captures everything we were looking for and just looks cool. 

I was at a fundraiser recently where we donated an item for auction. It was the first time I saw our logo out of context and my first thought was, "wow that looks good." 
— J.B.

"Thank you, Lauren, for the amazing signature you created for me! I’m very happy with it!" - L.S.

"Lauren is talented professional, and a pleasure to work with."

She is full of innovative ideas and able to execute on them quickly with impressive results. The Nightwater design team will continue to utilize her services."
— V.S.

"I'm pretty sure Lauren should get VA of the year award for putting up with my extreme pickiness and "change my mind a million times" shenanigans. She's been amazing and is a #girlboss at what she does!!”
- R.M.